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Mensajero Mexicano

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I am grateful for the effort made by Miguel Mosquera, of the Assembly of Naguanagua, Venezuela, to accompany with his own voice the hymns that also played to the organ.

1 Christ Jesus presented some children 2 I want to reach Jesus Christ
3 Abraham one day 4 Open my eyes Lord
5 Remember Christ 6 Admirable Lord
7 When I complete my day 8 To the peace world, Jesus was born
9 There in Bethlehem 10 Friends with pleasure see you
11 Angels are singing 12 Although in this life
13 Seek sinners 14 Blind Christ made see
15 Certain, certain, certain is the word 16 With what we will pay
17 Voice in a loud voice 18 Contain young people by faith
19 Christ loves the little ones 20 Christ when he came down here
21 Christ says come to Me today 22 Christ gave him water
23 Christ loves me, loves me 24 Christ will come soon
25 Christ wants children like me 26 Christ wants to see our light shine
27 Christ loves you and wants to save you 28 What an immense ocean
29 How glorious the morning will be 30 When I was little
31 When Jesus Christ walked in Galilee 32 When the trumpet of the Lord
33 When I read in the Bible 34 When tempted I have wished
35 How much I love the church 36 Watch my little eyes what you see
37 David was a very brave boy 38 In such a way God loved
39 From the bread of heaven 40 Of the holy throne around
41 Give thanks to the Lord 42 From the glory of the Savior
43 Happy day when I chose 44 Such a big day I can not forget
45 Tell me the story of Christ 46 God on his throne is
47 Great God is your love 48 God keep you with his great power
49 The potter sees in the potential mud 50 God’s love is great
51 The way I am, life, the truth 52 Genesis first is
53 The wise man his God believed 54 The Red Sea crossed it
55 The world is not my home 56 The bread of life I am
57 The Lord welcomes 58 On Mount Sinai
59 On the journey of life 60 In the days of Noah
61 In my heart, in my heart 62 In a basket
63 In a tent a gypsy died 64 There were twelve disciples of Christ
65 You are my King and Protector 66 It is Christ the best friend
67 It is divine love 68 Listen to the voice of Christ
69 Except Jesus Christ 70 Happy are the children
71 Firm and forward 72 It was love, divine love
73 I enjoy the Holy Word read 74 Great example was Daniel
75 Great joy is in my soul today 76 I found a good friend
77 There is Friend for children 78 There is a way to God
79 There is forgiveness for the blood of Jesus 80 There is a light in me
81 There is a path 82 Behold Jesus at your door is
83 Behold, at the door I am 84 Son of David, have mercy on me
85 Cultured man was Jairo 86 Men in Jerusalem
87 Today I want to tell you 88 Today, yesterday and for centuries
89 There was something that the Christ 90 Affectionate Jesus Christ
91 Jesus Christ said 92 Jesus Christ has come
93 Jesus is pastoring me 94 Jesus did not come to condemn
95 Jonah ignored him 96 Juan three sixteen
97 Next to the path 98 The Bible is like the firm rock
99 The Bible 100 The bloody cross when contemplating
101 The goal of my life here 102 The evangelist ship
103 Lamp is at my feet 104 Far from my sweet home
105 Far from my Father God 106 We know, we know
107 The books of the law 108 The twenty-seven books are
109 Glorious Mansion 110 Hammer is the Bible
111 I like to hear the story 112 It will guide me, what a blessing
113 I was hurt by sin 114 My God is so strong
115 My life I gave for you 116 He died for me, he died for me
117 No silver or gold in his crown 118 Nicodemus one night
119 Children we will not always be 120 You do not want to be a Christian in childhood
121 It will never depart from your mouth 122 Oh little boy, you are
123 Oh, young people come 124 Oh, kids, come on let’s start
125 Oh, what love is Christ’s 126 Oh, what day will it be?
127 Sinner so black 128 Losing the goods is a lot
129 By faith the ancients lived 130 By the way of the cross
131 Soon that moment comes 132 Door I am, door I am
133 What love the Father showed us 134 How wonderful that Christ
135 What can provide me forgiveness 136 Who from the sky descended
137 Who made the stars that shine 138 Jesus wants me to shine
139 You want to go to heaven 140 I want to consecrate myself today
141 Lord my God, when contemplating the heavens 142 If I go to Jesus
143 If in your heart 144 If peace, what a river
145 Only in Christ 146 Only Jesus Christ saves
147 Only a young man 148 I thank you, oh God, nor Lord
149 I need you, oh God 150 Tempted do not give
151 Blessed and divine land 152 Everything to Christ I surrender
153 Everyone should know 154 All of us says God
155 You, Lord, Jesus Christ 156 I am, Lord
157 A tree is in the middle 158 A man of antiquity
159 A little boy I am, to glory I go 160 A very small child
161 A big thing is 162 A single door there
163 See him born, oh what a wonder 164 Come, all of you faithful, to Bethlehem, let’s go
165 I’m traveling up 166 I sinned but God loves me.
167 I am the path, said the Lord 168 I love you, Lord
169 I have joy, a lot of joy 170 I have a great treasure
171 Zacchaeus was a small man 172 Today, sinner, we announce here
173 My life is you, Jesus Christ